St. Patrick’s Celebration!


So this is my first St. Patrick’s day being 21. Which means I can partake in the typical celebrations that are so very Irish!


I was introduced to Kell’s over the summer, before I left for Australia. It was a friends birthday weekend and she had come to Kell’s before and it was on the list of bars we hopped around to that night.


It is this great Pub on Post Alley in Seattle, it’s near Pike Place Market. There is a few floors to the building, with a dance floor, bar and restaurant area. The location used to house an undertaking business, and is said to be haunted! Ghost Adventures did an episode there and found some pretty interesting stuff.


There is live music every night! And it’s not crappy indie, grunge music that sometimes plagues Seattle bars. It’s fun, up beat Celtic music. And the food and drinks are great. Good authentic snacks and meals and a full bar and a bartender that can make almost anything. Not to mention the amazing beer selection. Kell’s is awesome for a mellow night, or even dancing.


St. Patrick’s day started out slow. My family had the traditional dinner the night before because it was the only night we were all free. So breakfast was corn-beef hash! So delicious! I got all dressed up in my green dress, lace leggings and slouchy grey boots. Alex wore a shirt we bought him at Target the day before that said “Ireland; Dublin Up” with the Irish flag on it.


We drove down to Mercer Island to meet up with our friends and we got a ride to down town Seattle from our friend’s mother. There were 5 of us all together, and we couldn’t wait to get there! We piled out of the car and walked down to Pike Place Market. We planned to eat and shop our way through and make it to Kell’s later in the afternoon.


We got HumBo, and mini donuts and fruit and honey samples all along the market. The fish throwers weren’t throwing, and the Rebecca the pig wasn’t there because she hadn’t been replaced yet after a taxi driver ran into her😦


After about an hour of wandering and stopping by the legendary gum wall, Elliot proclaimed that it was past 12 noon and it was St. Patrick’s day and he needed a drink! We agreed and made our way to Kell’s on Post Alley. The bouncer made a few comments about how young we were, all 89ers and Alle had just turned 21 a few weeks ago! We paid our $20 entrance fee, which let us come and go as we pleased all day, and got us a t-shirt and giant, comical leprechaun hat. The boys really loved those😀

Alex and Elliot with their St. Patrick's day hats


The day was pretty mellow! We grabbed a table upstairs, where there weren’t a lot of people, and got drinks. We started a tab, and in order to do so, we were obligated to get at least $100 on that tab. Challenge Accepted! We got a bunch of different drinks, ranging from Whiskey and Cokes to beer and cocktails. The bartender was the perfect vision of a leprechaun, just not short. He just had that great Irish bloke look. Had the little fedora hat, beard, pushed up sleeves and black buckle shoes. On his left arm, he had an arm band that look like the Irish flag that he had slid a bottle opener in. He just LOOKED so cool. Alle kept referring to him as “our” bartender. It got busier as the day went on, the bands showed up and started to play. We literally just sat, and drank, and talked, and watched drunk people all day. They weren’t selling food upstairs, only in the restaurant, so we had to venture out to Beecher’s Cheese to get dinner. Beecher is the best place for cheese. I love their mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. Flag ship is the best! After we came back for food, it was more of the same. It was just great to chill and relax! Though some of the people there were embarrassing…the costumes and antics. Whew!


We were down town for about 6 hours, a long time, but it flew by! I was helping Elliot pick out ladies to hit on, and I have to say, I saved him from some bad choices. It was fun being a girl, but also one of the guys.


St. Patrick’s day wasn’t as crazy and wild as I thought it would be, as I’ve seen some people’s nights to be, but it was blast all the same! We ended up taking the bus back to the island and walking to the local bar, The Roanoke, for dinner. We took the bike path, which had a while line painted down the middle, and to prove that we weren’t drunk, Alle tried to walk it, she wasn’t drunk, just uncoordinated.

Alle walks the line!


Someone made the comment that she had to walk it toe to toe, to which Alex had to demonstrate.


We made it to the bar, to meet up with more friends and food! After dinner we ran to the store to pick up a few more drinks and then back to Alle’s house for drinks, games, and a sleep over. We played Dance Central, and Alex even filmed me learning how to Jerk. I’m not great, but in my defence; it was my first time, on medium, and I hadn’t done the break it down mode so I was figuring out the moves as they came along. Check that video out here :


After dancing and adventures and party games, we hit the sack. All of us were so tired! It was a great day of friends and drinks and music. Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

I made a great breakfast the next day of Vanilla Bourbon Banana French Toast, I’ll get the recipe up soon!


Stay Tuned!

-Tori Kaye

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