Latest Obsession: Down East Basics

I am not kidding, I discovered this brand on zulily, and I can’t get enough! I bought 3 things online from zulily and 1 thing fits perfect, the other 2 fit a littttle snugly (but I’m on a diet anyway, I see this as motivation!) I am loving this style and the fit that Down East Basics has to offer!

Down East Basics is the classy, vintage inspired clothing we all love, but with a modern twist. Not to mention all their stuff is easy on the wallet as well. Even though I got a great deal online, I have no qualms paying full price in the stores.

So my purchases from zulily included:

Front Flower Top in Shadow: Extra long, so people like me with long torsos are covered and amazingly soft and comfy. This is still available on the Down East website here. Literally  I just keep thinking to myself “it’s so pretty, pretty, pretty” Front Flower Top in Shadow

Top of the morning sweater in Dune: This is actually pretty sparkly! I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m ok with it. Who doesn’t need a little more sparkle in their life? It’s a little tighter then the Flower top, and shorter. Top of the morning top

Grey Tea Party Skirt: This sits pretty high up on the natural waist on me, and while it fits, it’s tight. But it’s a beautiful grey that will look great with all types of colors. Play it up with some bright pops or go all neutral for a mellow vibe.Grey Tea Party skirt

I have found so much stuff on their website that I want! Unfortunately  some of the things I wanted but couldn’t buy from zulily aren’t offered on their website or in stores😦 I even emailed to ask. They got back to me super quickly, telling me that they wouldn’t have the things I was looking for replenished. So sad!

Because this coat is amazing!Silver Pine Steamboat Jacket

There is a store near me so I am planning on taking full advantage of the sales they are having before Christmas and getting some new pieces. They are kind of a mix between the style of Forever 21 and Anthropologie but more along the price point of Target. I’m pretty stoked about getting these fashion staples in my closest! So many cute tops and dresses and skirts oh my!


This is “coming soon” the Elegant Grace Skirt…can’t wait to try this on. Elegant Grace Skirt

What did you think?

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